5 Essential Items For Your Mountain Bike Ride

  1. Spare , spare , spare! 
    Always have a spare tube with you! I don’t think there is anything worse than being out in the middle of a ride in the woods and getting a flat. Having a spare can literally be a life saver. Mountain bike terrain is obviously rougher and tougher than the road...so this is a MUST.

  2. Mini Pump
    Another must have if you are out on a long ride, and another potential life saver.  Some of these are even made to mount to your spare water bottle cage holes and they are very inexpensive when you order online. (Amazon and eBay would be a good place to start.)

  3. Nutrition 
    These rides can be long and tiresome. 20+ miles out on a single track in the woods with tons of hills can really wipe you out, that’s why it’s important to carry proper body fuel. There are tons of options - protein bars and shakes, GORP, cut fruit and veggies. Always have a source of protein.

  4. Hydration Pack
    Water bottles are great for a few, but they tend to run out quickly.  A hydration pack is a great way to have access to a lot more water , with the convenience of wearing a backpack.  Again, many options online!

  5. Phone/GPS Unit
    We are in the age of high technology, so we might as well use it!  Having your phone or GPS unit is a GREAT thing, just in case something were to go wrong.  With your phone there are tons of mountain biking apps to download that show you new trails and keep track of where you are on the trails, how long you have left, your elevation gain and much more.