5 Things Your "Kid" Might Forget To Do When They First Move Out

Being a new adult is hard, but watching your child struggle in his or her new adulthood is even harder! Here are a few reminders to help keep your kid looking like the responsible adult you raised!

1. Buying toilet paper. 
Or any toiletries for that matter. Things that used to simply used to appear for them are suddenly missing! Dish soap? Conditioner? Not so easy to remember them at the store without your mom's grocery list!

2. Washing bed sheets. 
Bonus points if their new place doesn't have a washer or dryer. The most you'll see of them is when they bring their laundry home to wash, even though you've promised to stop texting to tell them to make their bed!

3. Cooking. 
The joy or grocery shopping wore off faster than they expected and now you're constantly bringing home-cooked meals over. Takeout menus cover their fridge and to-go containers fill the trash can!

4. Washing the dishes.
You know they aren't cooking, so how could they possibly have this many dirty dishes? Somehow they manage to produce a bigger mess than when they lived at home. Oh, right... they don't have dish soap.

5. Taking care of their car.
Oil change? Car wash?? You have no idea when they last checked up on their car. If only there was a way you could convince them that cleaning it wouldn't be so hard... Get them the Brush Hero and it won't be difficult at all! Just a quick once over and they'll look like a responsible adult!

Now, enjoy having one more open room in the house and have faith in your young adult!