7 Weird Things About Car Guys!

by Florian Schwind July 26, 2017

  1. If there’s a tunnel, parking garage, or any confined space, they are going to rev their engine….a lot!

  2. They have 1000 pics of their car on their phone, and about 15 of their significant others. This is just something that needs to be accepted.

  3. They use just one type of soap to clean themselves, and 32 different bottles of cleaning supply for their car.

  4. Ever seen a car guys Instagram? Spoiler alert: It’s 98% pics of their car from 100 different angles.

  5. Parking as far away as possible to avoid anyone parking next to them.

  6. They will have a name for their car. No idea why this is or when it started, but it’s most likely going to happen.

  7. Some car guys don’t care about ride performance, but rather “stance” and how the car sits, even if it means sacrificing comfort. 
Florian Schwind
Florian Schwind

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