A Full Day of Campfire Recipes

Fall is here! That means some of the coziest activities of the year! We’re talking walks through apple orchards in fuzzy sweaters, pumpkin carving and - of course - campfires. Here is a list of five campfire recipes to get you through a whole day of fall lovin’! 

Breakfast! Cinnamon Blueberry Bread

This breakfast bread is sure to warm you up on a brisk fall morning! It’s similar to French toast, but with all of the gooey goodness of blueberries and everyone's favorite autumnal spice...cinnamon!

Lunch! Mac n’ Cheese

Campfires almost always include picky eater children! Nothing will sooth their antsy spirits like this campfire mac n’ cheese! Yes, you CAN make this kiddie classic at camp!

Dinner! Philly Cheesesteak Foil Packs
No campfire-cooking repertoire is complete without a handful of foil recipes! This one is sure to satisfy as you bring a little indulgence to the great outdoors! The video shows a grill, but throw them on the fire ring and enjoy the smoky goodness of cooking on an open fire.

Dessert! Banana Boats

This dessert is what camping is about! This recipe is delicious, easy and fun to make! A classic. Bananas and chocolate are everything. 

Campfire Cocktail Hour! Marshmallow Shots

Put the little ones to bed! This one is for the adults, but it will make you feel like a kid again. The sweet ‘mallow will make you nostalgic for campfires past!


Enjoy your fall the right way! Keep it around the campfire and keep it creative.