Bike Safety With Kids

 Summer means many bike rides with my kids! It’s been a blast and I’m thankful my kids love being outside with me. Here are 5 safety tips for riding bikes with the kids!

  • Wear a helmet! OK this might be obvious, but it's also important to wear a PROPER fitting helmet. Sometimes kids tend to have helmets that are really loose, which will not properly protect them if they were to crash.

  • Use the sidewalk!  I know the bike lane (where applicable) is where people prefer us to be, BUT when you have your kids the sidewalk is just fine, and hopefully people will understand you don’t want your kids on any part of the road.  Just be sure share the sidewalk and be on the side that goes with traffic, not against it.

  • Make sure they have the right size bike. If the bike is too big and they need to stop but can’t touch the ground, the child will tip over. Let your kid try out a bike before purchase if possible.

  • Watch out for road hazards! The truth is people litter, street sweepers go through, and multiple other things can cause hazards in the bike lane and on the sidewalk.  Make sure you are on the lookout for any junk or litter in the way.  Gravel, bumps, etc can equal a crash.

  • Finally, check your tires. Tires deflate over time so be sure to go over every family bike before you head out! 

With that said get out, ride and have fun!