Great Gifts for Bicyclists

Chamois Butt’r

This piece of cycling gear is everywhere on the racetrack. By applying the Chamois Butt’r to the inner padding of your cycling shorts, you'll reduce skin irritation and ease sores after long rides. It’s essential for lengthy touring, and also for sensitive skin.


Pearl Izumi jersey

Comfy, breathable clothing is key on long, sweaty bike rides, and Pearl Izumi makes some of the best aerated fabric. Wearing their jerseys is perfect for summertime rides — they’ll absorb sweat and protect your skin from the harsh sunlight.


Katadyn BeFree

This is no ordinary water bottle. The Katadyn BeFree’s mouthpiece works as a strong filter that can clean a liter of water per minute. When you run out of H20 on your ride on a trail, you can fill your bottle from a stream or waterpump, then filter it through the lid to get a filtered, tasty drink. Its portablility fits right in your everyday bag, and it'll be especially useful outdoors.


Adidas Zonyk Aero

Blinding sunlight can ruin your ride. Any pair of sunglasses is better than none on a bike, but Adidas makes excellent shades that fit comfortably with a helmet on. Polarized lenses keep the glare away, and the sunglasses stay contoured to your face to protect your eyes.


Brompton folding bike

The perfect portable bicycle for city dwellers and urban commuters since the mid-1970s is starting to catch on again. Brompton’s two-wheeled transforming creations function as full-performance bicycles that fold down to a fraction of their size when not in use, making them easy to fold up when you get to the office and slide under your desk.