Staff Spotlight: Jen!

by Jen Wittes July 20, 2017

First Name:   Jen
Role Within the Company: 
Brush Gal (or...Director of Marketing and Communications)
Favorite movie:   Not good at picking just one! Some include: Purple Rose of Cairo, Whiplash, Life is Beautiful, Juno, Love Actually ... Agh! 
Favorite book:   Anything by Nick Hornby, Harry Potter series, Jitterbug Perfume, Time Traveler's Wife, To Kill a Mockingbird, Peter Pan ...again...Agh!
Favorite food:   chips and salsa
Your best vacation ever:   Either Christmas in New Orleans with my family or three years abroad in Sicily. 
Least favorite chore:   Putting away dishes, weeding.
Favorite thing to clean with Brush Hero:   yoga mat or grill (separate brushes so as not to accidentally give off aroma of burger during yoga class)
Favorite Brush Hero accessory:   Grimefighter
Jen Wittes
Jen Wittes

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