What Mountain Bikers Do in the Winter!

As winter approaches, some mountain bikers are hanging up the bike for a couple months. Some are riding everyday in the winter regardless of the ever changing weather. So what do mountain bikers do in the winter? If it's even the slightest bit possible, they ride! 

Some mountain bikers have no choice but to put their bikes away. The trails become covered and you can’t see them, or things ice over making it nearly impossible to ride.

What can cyclists do until riding season is back in full swing? 

Stay active! Winter has a lot of other options if you can’t be on the bike. Skiing and snowboarding are great winter sports for mountain bikers. These are folks who LOVE mountains, after all! You would be surprised also, as to how much skiing and snowboarding can help prepare you for the upcoming riding season. 

Another thing mountain bikers can do is give the bike a full checkup! You probably rode hard all year and this is a great time to go over everything and get your ride back to 100%!

It's also a great time to build muscle and balance - pilates, yoga and weight training will keep you in tip-top shape for the trails.


On a final note, it's a great time to try new things! It's not ALL about mountain biking, after all. (Ha ha ha...yeah it is.)