What to Clean with The Inner Peace Spray

Our Inner Peace Spray works on any interior surface for quick DIY car detailing. The Inner Peace is all-natural, biodegradable, and leaves behind a fresh citrus scent, easily clearing away dust, spills and build up inside your car. Here's where we recommend using it.


Dust can rapidly accumulate on your car's dashboard if left unchecked. With one swipe after spraying the Inner Peace, your car will look like it had never been there to begin with.

Door Panels

Mud and dirt can find there way inside the door panel even with the most careful passengers. With the Inner Peace, you can leave your car door panels looking like new in minutes.

Leather Seats

We are all capable of spilling in the car no matter how much we try not to. Stains from beverages, grease and food will no longer take up room in your mind after using the Inner Peace.




Are your windows covered in fingerprints or streak marks? Reclaim the view from inside your car by making the windows spotless with the Inner Peace.