Wishing You an ACTIVE New Year!

Physical fitness is by far the MOST COMMON New Year's Resolution...for obvious reasons. Many of us spend most of December huddled around the fire, the potluck, Santa's cookie plate. We couch, we drink wine, we indulge in rich holiday foods. January is the proverbial time to get back on track! 

Team Brush Hero is adventurous and active. We're right with you as we all emerge from the days of sugar rush and hibernation into the bright New Year!

Here are our tips for easing back into an active and healthy lifestyle in 2018. 

  1. Bike to work!
    This article provides great tips for the first time bike commuter from which gear to get, to how to bike safely! https://www.hearst.com/magazines/good-housekeeping/
  1. Join a hiking club!
    Facebook is FULL of hiking groups specific to your area, full of people who just need that little extra push to get outdoors. There are also park websites that can get you involved in a hiking club!  https://www.wta.org/go-outside/new-to-hiking/someone-to-hike-with-hiking-groups-and-resources
  1. Put on your dancing shoes!
    Dancing is an incredible way to stay active. It gets your whole body moving and it’s so fun, you’ll hardly notice you’re breaking a sweat! This article provides a little guidance for getting out of your head and moving your body to the beat! https://www.liveabout.com/learn-to-dance-1007102
  1. Do yoga at home!
    Nothing is more inhibiting for staying active than having to leave the house (especially in cold weather), so start working out at home! Yoga is a great “at home” practice. There are lots of guides online that can help you get started! https://yogainternational.com/article/view/the-beginners-guide-to-home-yoga-practice/
  1. Join a neighborhood clean up crew!
    This is a really wonderful way to stay active while getting more involved in your community! Facebook groups for your neighborhood will likely have a group who meets weekly to walk around and pick up trash! Here’s an article on how to organize a clean up if your neighborhood doesn’t already have one going! https://www.useful-community-development.org/cleaning-up-your-neighborhood-park.html

 Here's to a happy, healthy, ACTIVE 2018! Bring it on!