You've Been Cleaning Inefficiently!

Have you used the Brush Hero to clean your car, bike, motorcycle, or outdoor gear? Why not?!

The Brush Hero is a one-of-a-kind cleaning tool and the MOST efficient cleaning brush. 

The Brush Hero is the only detailing brush that uses water pressure to spin the brush with continuous, powerful torque. The slower speed ensures that you are cleaning your tires or outdoor gear with more accuracy, and the greater torque helps with guaranteeing a deeper clean.

But why not simply use the old fashioned method of wheel brushes and rags, or even other powered brushes?

The old fashioned method simply cannot match the quality and efficiency of the Brush Hero. When you scrub your gear by hand, you will inevitably be spending more time and energy cleaning. Not to mention your pruned fingers and scraped up knuckles!

Other products in Brush Hero's category can't even compete. There are brushes that you can attach to a drill, but they spin far too quickly and risk damaging your gear from high pressure. you want to mess up your power tools? Water and electricity don't mix!

The other powered brush option is a battery powered brush, which is typically limited in its use to indoor bathroom cleaning. The main issue to note here is the battery power! Batteries are expensive and corrosive (especially when mixed with water). Batteries also leave a bigger carbon footprint than pure water power alone.

Needless to say, there is very little that the Brush Hero can't do!