Super Bundle

The amazing Brush Hero, plus our two most popular accessories!

This all-in-one cleaning package includes:

  1. Brush Hero:  This simple, yet innovative, water-powered turbine comes with two interchangeable brush heads. Use the soft black brush for sensitive surfaces and the tough white brush for serious muck. Connects to any garden hose!

  2. Soap Star:  Add suds to your scrub with this hose-end soap dispenser! For use with the Brush Hero or without. 

  3. Flow Pro Trigger Handle (usually sold separately):  Boost the Brush Hero's existing water-saving design with this trigger handle, which helps reduce water waste.

The Brush Hero family of products cleans EVERYTHING! Cars, bikes, tools, toys, grills, patio furniture, pets and more. 

No batteries or electricity. No mechanical parts. Just add water! 


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Service Deserves Praise

I order a bundle as a gift for my father for Christmas which includes gift wrapping and expedited processing/shipping. My package arrived quickly, however it wasn’t until Christmas Eve that I realized the product wasn’t gift wrapped! I contacted customer service around noon and received an answer with a refund for the issue within 45 minutes! I’m highly satisfied with the customer service team and their dedication to resolve my issue so quickly and on Christmas Eve! Great company doing what they can to provide excellent service to their customers!!

Great product!

I love my new Brush Hero and soap dispensing attachment. Very impressed with the torque on this thing. Also pleased with the soap mixer, great foaming action, easy to use. I highly recommend this combo. Great value for the money.

Awesome product

I was blown away by the torque the brush has. When I ordered the product I was a bit leary of the performance. WOW! Now cleaning my wheels is no longer a knuckle cutting process and is actually fun to use. My Harley is the cleanest bike in town now that I have the brush hero. My daughter started a little n-hood business cleaning the wheels of our neighbors cars, lol.
If you have thought about buying one, do it!! You will not regret it.

Works better than advertised

Cleaning my vehicle is so much easier now. Easily cuts down by cleaning time by at least 50% and way easier than scrubbing by hand.