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Brush Hero Buzz!

"An impressive piece of water-powered engineering, easy enough for a five-year-old cyclist to operate."   



"The Brush Hero Wheel Brush cleans any nook or cranny."



"I needed something to keep that gunk off my shiny new wheels. This wand helped do the trick."



 "I thought it would take some force, but as soon as you just run the brush across a surface it eliminates the grime."



"Well-built, lots of torque and no gimmicks. While this new tool may not replace your trusted (detailing) mainstays completely, it's pretty cool and fun to use."




"Turns with a good amount of torque. In just a couple minutes, we got the wheel very clean."



Regular Guy Mountain Biking

"Best bike cleaning tool ever? Could a brush get any better than this?" 




"The Brush Hero made washing my bike easier than it's ever been. Gets into tight spots and cleans great."




"Unlike any other detailing brush on the market...I was floored by how much torque this thing has."  





"This brilliant cleaning brush does more than you can imagine."



"I found that in working on one of my cars that tends to have more brake dust, this really cleaned off the dust much quicker than any other way I had tried in the past."



"We love this tool and don't dread cleaning our cars anymore!! The Brush Hero makes a GREAT gift idea for Father's Day."




"My grill and wheels looked so clean that my husband asked why I didn't get his car detailed when I took mine."                                                                                                                                



"It turns out the hose attachment can help clean just about anything you want to give a good scrubbing and de-mucking."




"Bottom line? It's simple, durable, cool and affordable. It really does make cleaning easy and fun, which is why Brush Hero has moved way beyond cars."




"It's the perfect, affordable gift for dads that effortlessly attatches to the hose and, as a bonus, I found the kids had a ton of fun playing with it and helping me wash our dog."



"The Brush Hero has been a huge help! We were all shocked at how much we loved this!"



"This is one of the best products I've used, and one of the products I recommend more than any other."